Trade In, Sell, Upgrade, Buy Used

  • Upgrade to a state-of-the-art Ag Nav GPS console
  • Trade in your old Ag Nav system for a new version and only pay the difference
  • Trade in/Sell your non-Ag Nav system
  • Purchase quality used systems


GPS, Flow Control, Auto On/Off, & More

In addition to the Guia Silver, Gold, and Platinum GPS systems, we carry AgFlow Flow Controllers, Auto On/Off Three-Way Valves, and all additional components. Everything you need for safe and precise aerial application.

Don't have money to purchase a system outright? Ask about our financing! If new isn't an option for your operation, check out our used inventory! If you're looking to sell your used equipment fast, AGS will consider purchasing all types/brands systems and accessories. AGS can make cash offers and pay you quickly! Contact us today if you have a system or accessory you're looking to get rid of!

Lots of salesmen like to talk. We put our money where our mouth and our life is. As a young pilot, AGS-owner Kameron Gradert values safety as a top priority. Take a look at the pictures below to see his own Dromader equipped with Ag Nav equipment. Ag Nav didn't pay Kam to say this, nor did they give him the equipment for free. Before becoming a certified dealer, Kam paid for Ag Nav equipment out of pocket simply because it provided precision for his applications and safety for himself.

Trust a dealer who trusts his product.


AgNav Platinum System

AgFlow Flow-Controller

External Bright Bar

Auto On/Off Three-Way Valve

A Good-Lookin' Cockpit